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Official list of all of our lovely award winners and a HUGE thank you for all the filmmakers who submitted this year. You definitely made it hard for the judges to pick just one in each category. :-)



Sick Chick Flick Award: Betur sjá augu (See No Evil)

Best Short Film: Cutter

Best Feature: A Worrisome Thing

Best Horror Film: Are You Lonesome Tonight 

Best SciFi Film: Beacon

Best Fantasy: Brave Little Army

Best Director: Sesselia Olafs, Peter Callow - Betur sjá augu (See No Evil)

Best Cinematography: Gayle Ye - Brave Little Army

Best Writing: Alonso Diaz-Rickards - Diabla

Best Special Effects: Cutter

Best Female Lead: Murran Kain - Beacon

Best Male Lead: Jordan Gonzalez - META

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