Director/Writer Deanna Milligan

A young girl must travel on her own across a remote West coast island in order to get help for her family but is challenged by her deepest fears and the mysterious ways of the ancient old growth forest.



Director/Writer Teneille Newallo

Trinidad and Tobago

A man goes in search of something mysterious in the Trinidadian mangroves, unraveling a supernatural world as he races back to safety before the sun sets. 



Director/Writer E.K. Scarfone

United States

Three longtime friends go camping in the woods, but the fun and games end when one of them takes a "fossil" from a nearby abandoned nuclear power plant.


Director Lindsay Barrasse,
Writer Bridget LaMonica

United States
On a lonely country road, a man drives along, carefree and unhurried. If only his passenger in the trunk felt the same way.

The Road Less Traveled


Director/Writer Jackie PerezJackie Perez
United States

When Federation Officer Rebecca Shapiro crash lands on an alien planet covered in sand dunes, she must figure out a rescue plan while fighting for her sanity as her crew mate Rand succumbs to madness.



Director/Writer Heidi Lee Douglas - Australia

 An ambitious science student searching for an endangered animal gets bitten, and when loggers attack the camp changes overtaking her body become a threat to all sides.

Devil Woman



Director/Writer Svitlana Novitska Ukraine

Our contemporary, engineer of drainage systems, performing his professional duties
in the city sewer, got into the supernatural zone. As a result, the hero understands that
he was in the past a hundred years ago, during the period of Austria-Hungary.
No one believes him, and he is taken to a psychiatric clinic.


Closed Circuit

Director/Writer Lauren Morrison United States

A robot cares for a ship full of sleeping passengers on an interstellar voyage, and one day she discovers she is not alone. 


Coming Alive

Director/Writer Dycee Wildman, Jennifer Bonior - United States

A mysterious second-hand organ seduces its new owner to wake up and free her inner-self.



Director/Writer Virginia Powers Hendry - United States

A woman is abused by her housebound ward. Unable to escape on her own, she asks God for help. A mysterious man appears, offering to save her. Will his thoughts and prayers free her? Or will they destroy them both?


The Gaze

Director/Writer Christina Raia United States

An actress is repeatedly catcalled on her way home from a shoot until just the right guy comes her way.


One Hell Of
An Angel

Director Katie Damien, Writer Eruch Adams - United States

When a demon stirs up trouble by asking too many questions in hell, he's banished to heaven and forced to work with an angel on an improbable mission to help a washed up rock star write a song that's supposed to save the world.






Director/Writer Aniez Atlas

A couple seemingly find a solution to settle insurmountable conflicts in their worn-out marriage. However, they are not alone...


Final Refrain

Director/Writer Kristin Kinsey United States

In a dystopian world where art and music are forbidden, Lyra, a passionate pianist, must decide what she's willing to sacrifice for her music.


Lady Hunters

Director/Writer Angela Atwood United States

Three best friends, on a weekend retreat to the Adirondacks, learn a heinous gang rapist has been released from prison nearby. Incensed by the atrocious nature of the crime against a teenaged girl, and incarceration of only one of the perpetrators, the three suburban moms find themselves novice killers and arbiters of justice.


Laboratory Conditions

Director Jocelyn Stamat, Writer Terry Rossio - United States

A physician investigating a missing body disrupts an unlawful experiment. 

Lili Poster.jpg


Director/Writer Yfke van Berckelaer - Netherlands

Lili (Lisa Smit – Netflix’s Ares) knows she has to nail this audition. The Man (Derek de Lint – Soldier of Orange/The Unbearable Lightness of Being) she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single-shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and female empowerment.  


Girl in the
Galactic Sun

Director/Writer Heather Perluzzo Canada

The Gemini are a genderless alien species who have discovered they’ll become extinct if they don’t find a way to reproduce. After years of searching they encountered humans and their reproductive method, this in addition to their Gemini similarities has brought them hope. However, the female metamorphosis from Gemini to human has not been successful due to the overwhelming mental trauma a woman must endure.



Director Jessica Graham,
Writer Clark D. Schaefer
United States

The deterioration of a relationship due to the horror and heartbreak of domestic violence.


Mama's Boy

WARNING: This film contains adult
content that may offend some viewers

Director/Writer Samantha Kolesnik - United States

A young man's life spirals into depravity and madness when he confronts the trauma of his childhood.



Director/Writer Rebecca Gardiner - Australia

Earth is dying, humanity is on the brink of extinction, and now mankind’s final hope has all but disappeared. In an effort to source a new life for planet earth, a research team ventured through the stars, only to go missing on an unknown planet. Desperate to find them, Commander Madison Sterling and her crew venture in pursuit. As her crew go missing one by one, the entire fate of humanity rests on her shoulders.



Director/Writer Kate Dolan


A man cruises around late at night looking for something. He pulls in to ask two young girls for directions - only to flash them to get a cheap thrill. Unfortunately, he has picked the wrong girls. They are also out hunting tonight and they will stop at nothing to get their kill.


Shanda's River

Director Marco Rosson, Writer Nicola Pizzi


 Inspired by the classic Italian horror movies of the 70s and 80s. A professor (Emma) goes to Voghera, a small town in Northern Italy. To study the story of the witch Shanda killed in the early 1800, on the river bank from which it is named.



Director Johannes Lilja, Anne-Mari Musturi, Writer Johannes Lilja - Finland

When the elder brother brings his younger brother to DIY rehab at their family’s summer cottage, a ghost from the younger brother’s past waits below the surface.


We Are Totally Fine

Director Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Writer Julia Hirsch
United States

Three Basic Betty’s get together for a wellness retreat to cleanse and connect. But what they connect to is surprising, dark, and a little out of their control…





Under the Parasol

Director/Writer Stanislava Buevich

United Kingdom

Marie comes to the beach to catch some sun. The only problem is that it's nighttime... 


Stay Quiet

Director/Writer Chloe Carroll United States

When an Intruder who seems very distressed by loud noises walks into Lynn's home, screaming for help is not an option.



Director/Writer Rakefet Abergel United States

A traumatic event forces a recovering addict to face her demons, without her worried fiancé uncovering the truth. Over the course of a rough night, Devi, 7 years sober, must make a difficult choice between WHO she loves and WHAT she loves.


What Metal Girls
Are Into

Director/Writer Laurel Vail United States

Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.


Game of the Clock

Director Michele Olivieri, Writers Michele Olivieri, Ian Reid

United Kingdom

THE VICTIM is a teenage girl who visits a friend late at night. As she enters the empty house she finds herself involved in a survival game where she has to endure five minutes with a monster she must not look at, due to the game’s rules. The only information about the monster is held in several childish-like drawings that The Victim finds along the way, in which also bare the only clue to her survival.

stall small image.jpg


Director Ryan Shovey, Writer Jill Narciso - United States

A woman gets stuck in a bathroom haunted by an unusual spirit. 



Director/Writer Emily Haigh United Kingdom

Three enslaved girls are immersed in beautiful surroundings, hidden beneath this beauty lies a dystopian society pushing the girls to perfection. 


Sweet Tooth

Director/Writer Gio Olmos

In a rundown building, Susana, the doorkeeper, sets out to collect the monthly rent. From the first floor to the highest balcony, the excruciating nature of the transaction jeopardizes the safety of the lodgers.



Director Julian Richards, Writer Michael Mahin, Story Jeannie McGinnis - United States

A stillborn baby girl is brought back to life by a morgue attendant using electrokinetic power. On her sixteenth birthday she escapes her captor and sets out to find her birth mother leaving a trail of destruction behind her.




Road Kill

DirectorTyrone Trullinger, Writer Chamblee Smith - United States

An innocent road trip takes a sinister turn when two young women and the hitchhiker they’ve picked up along the way are forced to stop at a roadside motel. 


Dearly Departed

Director Elise MartinE, Writers Elise Martin, Jess Bartlett
United Kingdom

Vera's relationship with Fred is beginning to blossom but she can't help feeling distracted by the presence of the three very opinionated ghosts who also inhabit her house. Through the expression of song, Vera and the ghost's learn to deal with the highs and lows of a modern relationship. However, when Fred begins to further their relationship, Vera is left with a life-changing decision.



Director Aurora Fearnley, Writer Aurora Fearnley, Neville Pierce United Kingdom

A Peacemaker, who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet, is believed to be cursed when a solar storm hits his spaceship. - A modern retelling of the story of Jonah in the Belly of the Whale


Dead Winter

Director Jason Winn, Writer Allison Hogue - United States

Audrey, a young woman living in the post-apocalyptic American south, spends every day of her life fighting for the remnants of her family. However, her grandmother wants nothing more than for Audrey to move on and try to have a better life.


Salvation Army

Director Jana Burýšková, Jiří Burýšek, Writer Jiří Burýšek Czech Republic

The story revolves around regular Czech Joe who makes an acquaintance with a ghost, without anybody else being able to see this entity. Our Joe finds himself in a place where he wants to go on with his dull life, which is complicated by dozens of ghost systematically occupying every room in his house.



Director/Writer Lucie Gukkertová - Czech Republic

A tragedy strikes the family of widow Svetlana and her two sons, Jan and Maxmilián. The villagers believe that the hated nobles surrounded by myths and superstitions - Madam and Sir De Blois - are responsible for it.